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The owner of CGM recently sold her successful Association Management company.  This insight into knowing and understanding the manager's job and role in the community is priceless.  CGM is your Maintenance Resolution Specialist  ,We understand that the association is only responsible for certain repairs. Our policy is to only perform work that is sent to us on a work order request. If an owner approaches a team member in the field they are nicely told that they will have to contact their property manager. This maintains the balance for control over the budget and for the property manager to know what work has been completed.

We will be happy to come meet with your managers and talk about maintenance and the benefit of having us as part of your successful group.

CGM Work Order

Cedar Grove Maintenance


PO Box 26

Efland, NC 27243

Tel: 919-644-1590
Fax: 919-644-1599

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